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We offer Aromatherapy candles with natural essential oils and classic candles with fragrance oils.


Slovenski produkt  •  ročno izdelano


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Slovenian  •  handmade

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Materials we use

Using ZERO plastic in our product and packaging; everything form packing tape, paper to card boxes is bought from local suppliers.

Wax supplier is a certified member of the Round Table of Sustainable Palm Oil Organisation (RSPO) and selects its suppliers based on the environmental policies. 

Scents are made with: 
1. Natural Essential Oils supplied by a local company
2. fragrance oils (blends of natural and mand made fragrances) are made by a company in the UK

All printed material is made in FSC certified printshops.

Wooden wicks are made from FSC certified wood in the USA.

We do not use artificial colouring in our wax.

We don't support products made in developing countries with minimum wages or dropship items.


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