bring your home to life with our  handmade sustainable candles with unique, minimalistic designs.


is biti

BITI has many definitions, such as “to be“, or “to exist“ or ''to have a certain quality or characteristic'' or even ''the beating of the heart''.


Each container represents a ''being'', with its own little face. The candle scents symbolise a certain emotion or feeling  – this is where our scent names come from.


Candle vessels have a raw, organic, clay like feel to them, this finish is due to the fact that they are hand made. Hand made clay jar is casted and shaped into a mould, for this reason the feel and characteristic of the clay material is still present in the casted concrete.


is biti

BITI is a Slovenian brand bring you home to life, by creating handmade sustainable and recyclable products with unique, minimalistic designs.



We are achieving these goals by utilising natural material sustainably made, such as the coco-soy Australian Wax, natural wooden wick and 100% natural essential oils. In addition, we are using ZERO plastic in our product and packaging (therefore lowering the amount of users plastic consumption). We have also been able to create custom reusable, recyclable and environmentally friendly concrete containers that pose no threat to the environment.


All of the designs and manufacturing labour undertaken to produce this product is done by us, under our brand.  We don't buy container or molds, we create them ourselves, we also mix fragrance combinations, this way we create unique scents.


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Our wax supplier is one of the few sustainable options out there. The company producing the wax is a certified member of the Round Table of Sustainable Palm Oil Organisation (RSPO) and select their suppliers based on the environmental policies the company follows. The company is using a green packaging solution, shipping in recycled cardboard boxes and also reduces the total number of plastic bags used per package.


We use Coco-Soy Wax, that is, an organic blend between coconut and soy wax. The scent throw is much stronger with the coconut wax blend, which is the purest, most eco-friendly and luxurious wax used today, therefore more expensive than other options. The burn is clean, slow and excellent for the use of ''Natural Essential Oils'' that are filled with aromatherapeutic benefits.


We do not use artificial colouring in our wax.


On top of that, we are striving for uniqueness.

All of the designs and manufacturing of the products are made by us, under our brand.

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Who is behind the brand?

One-man-band: A recent graduate from the Academy of Fine Arts and Design, turning a hobby into a business, in the hope to encourage people to make sustainable choices.


Personally, I have always had a connection with candles, soaps and everything that had an enticing fragrance. But on occasion I noticed that candles can smell like plastic. To solve the issue I tried a diffuser with essential oils. However, the diffuser just doesn't give you the same ambience as that of a shimmering and crackling lit candle. That is why I got into the candle business, to make a healthier and more sustainable option and contribute my part in creating a better alternative for us and our environment.



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